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Dominican Republic Compassion Bloggers

With Lent around the corner I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to say “no” to.

I sat down and began writing a list of things that weigh me down.

My list is long and my patience is short. Can I really make it 40 days, living a life of intention over convenience?

I want to channel my inner Elsa and let it go.

Then I am reminded.

There’s power in saying “no” so that you can make room for the “yes” that  matters. 

Dominican Republic Compassion Bloggers

Image Credit: Compassion International

I had to ask myself this question.

What brings me closer to fulfilling God’s calling on my life?

What can I say yes to as I prepare for this season of Lent?

I’m so thankful for the bloggers who are in the Dominican Republic this week sharing the stories of children in need. They jumped in deep and said yes to God and the people of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Compassion Bloggers

Image Credit: Compassion International

I began sponsoring my Compassion child in July 2014 and realized how easy it was to just set up an automatic payment and send letters every once in a while. My heart swells whenever I get a letter from my Compassion child, but I realized I wasn’t digging deep. I wasn’t sharing with her what God has done in my life and my sincere prayers for her and her family in Togo. I wasn’t asking her about her dreams and how I could pour into her life.

I want to make my yes to her really matter. 

Compassion Bloggers Dominican Republic

Image Credit: Compassion International

There is something so special about these blogger trips because it allows us to hear more about the stories of these children who are waiting to be sponsored.  Like Ruth’s story of Juan Carlos and how only one child in each family is eligible for sponsorship because there are so many children waiting to be sponsored. Or the Safe House that Bonnie visited where children get to forget for a moment about the violence and poverty that surrounds them to praise God.

Praise God.

Praise God for those who are willing to give up convenience and give intentionally so that these children be children. Something I realize I take for granted with my son every day.

Will you say a yes that really matters by sponsoring a child in the Dominican Republic? For $38 a month you can help a child in need. When you sponsor a child you will receive this special necklace that Lisa Leonard made special for this Compassion trip to the Dominican Republic.

Compassion Bloggers Dominican Republic

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